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Vitamin A is one of the most needed vitamins for the body. It’s essential to ensure good vision, strong immunity, gene transcription as well as excellent skin health. Deficiency in the vitamin is dangerous for the body resulting in blindness & viral infections. According to health reports, children from the developing countries often suffer from the deficiency of Vitamin A in their diet and this very deficiency is one of major menaces leading to growing blindness in kids here. So, it’s important that you intake a daily dose of Vitamin A in your diet.

Vegetables are an excellent source of Vitamin A. You will get the vitamin in spinach, pasley, capsicum pepper, cucumbers, turnip green and of course carrots. Romaine lettuce is also high in Vitamin A and so the Chicory, Butterhead, Red Leaf & Green Leaf options. Among other vegetables with the essential vitamin you have kale, collards, Dandelion Greens, Swiss Chard, Pak Choi & Beet greens. Vitamin A is found is abundance in sea food. Tuna fish is the most important seafood with good quantity of Vitamin A. The other important sea foods with Vitamin A are mackerel, oyster and sturgeon.

Then you have a lot of fruits that can act as a great resource for Vitamin A. Mango is one of the most preferred option when it comes to Vitamin A. then you have the fruits like sweet potatoes, papaya and apricots to help you with your needed dose of the very vitamin. Besides, acai berry too, is regarded as an excellent source of Vitamin A. Dairy products also act as a fantastic hub of Vitamin A and hence the doctors always suggest taking at least one milk product everyday. You will get Vitamin A is butter, cheese and milk. Margarine too works as a good Vitamin A option. Moreover, eggs contain Vitamin A as well.

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