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If flying and travelling are big parts of your life, avoiding disease-causing germs can be a nightmare. But if you are equipped with the proper gear, you can keep yourself healthy and avoid showing up at that big conference with the sniffles. Before your next flight, pick up an oral antiseptic spray. These sprays are very powerful and can kill germs in your mouth for up to six hours. Even if you get stuck sitting next to someone with a bad cough, you can rest a little easier knowing you are protected. You should also carry some disinfectant wipes or an aerosol with you. These are especially convenient for wiping down tray tables, armrests and unfamiliar surfaces. If your day-to-day travel is more local, then you may have different needs.

Products for keeping yourself healthy on the bus, subway or in line at the grocery store are now all available online. Dishwasher-safe shopping cart handle covers, for example, are just a few clicks away. Other products like public transit seat covers and public toilet seat covers are crucial in fighting bacteria and viruses that are especially rampant in big cities. For new moms and dads, an antimicrobial baby chancing mat is a lifesaver when on the go or in unfamiliar settings. Travel size disinfectant sprays, wipes and aerosols are also a great tool to keep in your bag or glove compartment. Their compact size makes them especially convenient next time you find yourself wishing you would wipe down a subway pole or handrail. If you are really serious about preventing infections and protecting yourself from germs, you may want to consider using protective clothing. Surgical face masks, or isolation face masks, can be worn to shield your face from all kinds of germs.

They are especially handy for anyone who is recovering from an illness or has an otherwise weakened immune system. There are also more discreet options such as antimicrobial apparel including masks, scarves and gloves. These options keep you protected from germs without drawing as much attention. No matter where your travels may take you, it is always a good idea to be prepared. Protect yourself from harmful viruses and bacteria by investing in the right products and gear designed with health and safety in mind.

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