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In the past, the aboutwomenhealth has always believed women-related issues. In the women’s health section important health issues aIn the past, the aboutwomenhealth has always believed women-related issues. In the women’s health section important health issues are specifically addressed extensively for girls and women. re specifically addressed extensively for girls and women.

They date from secretions, which can take a variety of properties: almost milky, translucent or transparent milky, purulent, purulent, mucoid, purulent, watery, yellowish, frothy, greenish or reddish. The amount of secretions change. Sometimes it is only small, but women often have such a strong discharge, that they are not alone by the feeling of moisture, but also because of unpleasant side effects such as soreness, burning, ulceration, and pain, to feel harassed. The odor can fade, slightly sweet or foul smelling, even stinking be.

It is understandable that women turn to such evidence to the woman doctor to be freed from their ailments. An aid is only possible when searching for the cause of these various secretions, when the actual source of the effluent is clear. The events of the effluent takes place mainly in the lower genital segments, in the cervical canal, into the vagina or vagina and in the vestibule of the vagina. But not always the whole section is affected, often only a few components, the actual causes of vaginal discharge and pull the other areas affected.

Here are the main sources of isolation and their probable causes are discussed. Development of vaginal discharge One of the main sources of discharge of substances cervical canal. This approximately two to three centimeters long canal is lined with a glandular skin, the number of glands and their expansion are individually different. Contrast, but all are equipped with a mucus-forming layer.

These constantly produced mucous in the cervix mucus, which is closely related to a number of biological processes. Under normal conditions, the effluent from the cervical canal substance is not formed in the amount of that loss for the woman the feeling of the effluent or the fluorine as it is called in technical language, is created. However, states often develop in the cervix, which increase the mucus production and thus become outflow sources. The reasons are many.

These include scarring once the cervix caused by the parturition, when the wounds heal poorly after childbirth. There have cosmetic lines, and the originally tubular, smooth neck channel shows clear tears, so that the delicate glandular mucosa is no longer protected. Similar phenomena occur when the mucous lining of crisscrossed the cervical canal, whether congenital or due to a birth that takes into the vagina protruding surface of the cervix. Even the sensitive gland cells are exposed and react – irritated by the strange environment – with increased mucus production.

This increased secretion is generally more tolerable and will remain within certain limits. Only when the exposed, slightly vulnerable mucous membrane inflamed in addition to making strong, partly purulent discharge, which can cause very big problems, noticeable.

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