Q: I am trying to be the best parent I can. I already breastfeed, avoid eating things myself that might affect the baby… Will your advice help? A: YES… Watching what we eat is only part of the issue. My wife takes in over 300 different nutrients a day and sometimes that still isn’t enough. But here are some tips… Usually a manufacturer won’t announce that the competition’s product is a better choice. But when the competition is breast milk, infant formula manufacturers concede — right on the label — that breast milk is best. Human breast milk is the ideal nourishment for human babies. Its protein content particularly suited for a baby’s metabolism, and the fat content is more easily absorbed and digested. Breast milk also protects the infants against certain diseases, infections and allergies. A mother’s milk contain cells from her immune system and antibodies against diseases to which she has been exposed. Animals do not have human cells to offer the newborn and synthetic milk products do not either. For example, if a mother catches the flu, she develops antibodies to that strain of flu virus. The baby will get protection and probably not get the flu at all if she breast feeds. We are of course assuming the mother is eating healthy foods and not junk foods which the baby also is inadvertently subjected to. The composition of infant formula is similar to breast milk, but it isn’t a perfect match. Further, the exact chemical makeup of breast milk is still unknown. We’re always discovering things in human milk that ar there in small quantities that hadn’t been looked at before. Infant formula is close to breast milk, by carbohydrate, protein and fat content, but not what the sources from a healthy mother provides. More than half the calories in breast milk come from fat, and the same is true for today’s infant formulas. This may be alarming to many American adults watching their intake of fat and cholesterol, especially when high saturated fats, such as coconut oil are used in formulas. While the low-fat diets recommended for adults doesn’t apply to infants, the rule of where you get your nutrients from still applies. Formulas based on whole cow’s milk don’t meet all of an infant’s vitamin and mineral needs. In addition, the high protein content of cow’s milk puts a strain on the baby’s immature kidneys. Use of soy drinks (that normally contain GMO-Soy) can actually be life-threatening. While infant formulas are the most heavily regulated food that there is, FDA regulations only specify exact nutrient level requirements for infant formulas, based on recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Nutrition. The following must be included in all formulas: Protein, fat, linoleic acid, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, thiamine (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2), vitamin B, vitamin B12, niacin, folic acid, pantothenic acid, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese, copper, iodine, sodium, potassium, and chloride. Notice there aren’t human enzymes or other healthy things only a mother can supply in that list. For more info, begin with the following:

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dog owners

Indeed, there are many things that both the dogs and the dog owners could have in common. For example, both dogs and dog owners could be prone to obesity if not regulating foo… [more]

People may own a many different types of pet in their house. Buy very few of them are aware of their pet health. Some of they know but dont get the enough time to look after … [more]

Many people don’t understand their birds as well as they do cats and dogs, and that can lead to real problems. From respiratory infections to excessive molting, there are a lo… [more]

Birds are very intelligent and active animals. Unless the person is a bird enthusiast, the average person does not understand the importance of pet bird toys. Pet toys are the… [more]

I know what you are thinking if you live in a not so big American city. Do have those daunting impressions about London and England of being a cold, typical aristocratic Briti… [more]

Owning a pet has become the trend in recent years as one of the accessory for celebrities in recent days. As a result, these beloved celebrity pets have blossomed into a kind … [more]

Fish tank filters are available in all types and in any shape you need. The purpose aquarium filtration is to provide high water quality for your fish and keep the water clear… [more]

There are numerous reasons to fasten together with the aquarium hobby. Studies enclose that keeping a fish tank alleviates stress. They are said to be aesthetically pleasant. … [more]

People may own a many different types of pet in their house. Buy very few of them are aware of their pet health. Some of they know but don’t get the enough time to look after them as they all are working and cant spend their much time with taking care of their pet. Numbers of online sites there which provides you all the detail information regardi… [more]

Birds are very intelligent and active animals. Unless the person is a bird enthusiast, the average person does not understand the importance of pet bird toys. Pet toys are the answer to many self-destructive and destructive behaviors that bird owners may experience. In the wild ones are free to fly as well as interact with other birds. In captivity… [more]

Owning a pet has become the trend in recent years as one of the accessory for celebrities in recent days. As a result, these beloved celebrity pets have blossomed into a kind of famous pets that have their own mini-mansions, luxury spa and fashion ranges.   Paris Hilton and Baby Luv Paris Hilton has genuine and passionate love for exotic pets. And… [more]

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Vitamin A is one of the most needed vitamins for the body. It’s essential to ensure good vision, strong immunity, gene transcription as well as excellent skin health. Deficiency in the vitamin is dangerous for the body resulting in blindness & viral infections. According to health reports, children from the developing countries often suffer from the deficiency of Vitamin A in their diet and this very deficiency is one of major menaces leading to growing blindness in kids here. So, it’s important that you intake a daily dose of Vitamin A in your diet.

Vegetables are an excellent source of Vitamin A. You will get the vitamin in spinach, pasley, capsicum pepper, cucumbers, turnip green and of course carrots. Romaine lettuce is also high in Vitamin A and so the Chicory, Butterhead, Red Leaf & Green Leaf options. Among other vegetables with the essential vitamin you have kale, collards, Dandelion Greens, Swiss Chard, Pak Choi & Beet greens.

Vitamin A is found is abundance in sea food. Tuna fish is the most important seafood with good quantity of Vitamin A. The other important sea foods with Vitamin A are mackerel, oyster and sturgeon.

Then you have a lot of fruits that can act as a great resource for Vitamin A. Mango is one of the most preferred option when it comes to Vitamin A. then you have the fruits like sweet potatoes, papaya and apricots to help you with your needed dose of the very vitamin. Besides, acai berry too, is regarded as an excellent source of Vitamin A.

Dairy products also act as a fantastic hub of Vitamin A and hence the doctors always suggest taking at least one milk product everyday. You will get Vitamin A is butter, cheese and milk. Margarine too works as a good Vitamin A option.

Moreover, eggs contain Vitamin A as well.

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anti-candida diet

Here’s a summary of day three on the anti-candida diet.  Weighed 132, woohoo!

My day started at 6 AM with the detox drink, breakfast as usual and I took one Capricin which is calcium, magnesium and caprylic acid (a natural antifungal).  Today I had the detox drink twice and the broth twice.  Did the liver cleanse at 8:30 PM.  Big salad for lunch, and supper was small piece of chicken breast and steamed cabbage. Again, wasn’t hungry all day, which is really nice.  No cravings for the sweets.  Can’t believe that has gone away so soon! No hives today!  My joints aren’t hurting.  Sweating some, hopefully that is part of the Candida die-off, or is it too early for that?  Who knows.  I started probiotics before bed, Acidophilis Multi.  Also took a stool softener. Here’s a summary of my second day on the anti-candida diet. I forgot to weigh yesterday, but today I weighed 134.  I tried to keep my weight between 125 and 130, but since Thanksgiving 2009 I gained between 7-10 lbs. and haven’t been able to get rid of it. My day started at 5:45 AM and I was able to fit in the detox drink three times today, as recommended. I used a tablespoon, rather than a teaspoon of the psyllium husk powder and the bentonite clay.  BM as usual in the morning after breakfast.  Rather than repeating myself I will have the usual Amaranth for breakfast every day.  I also take Liquid Organic Life Vitamins and EFA Lean (Omega 3-6-9 blend) after breakfast every day.  I had the broth twice today.  Lunch was a large salad of spinach, romaine lettuce, zuchinni, celery, tomato, red onion, avocado, garlic and a little lemon juice.  I had a smoothie around 3 PM of spinach, celery, zuchinni, fresh mint, and fresh ground flax seeds.  Supper was 4 oz. grilled chicken, spinach salad with Dulse seaweed, walnuts, onions and lemon.  Hives got pretty bad and I finally took Zyrtec at 7 PM. Did the liver flush at 7:30 PM.  Took a stool softener at bedtime. I am surprised I wasn’t hungry just eating like this.  I believe it may be because of all the fiber, the psyllium husk powder.  Also, I have no cravings for the cookies or ice cream, which is a GREAT feeling! I used to take Celebrex 200 mg at bedtime, for over 6 years, but I stopped taking it because this diet should help with the joint pain.  Any other time I would skip just one day, my wrists especially would hurt so bad I couldn’t pick up a pitcher.  Tomorrow and the days to come, will be the test! Here’s a summary of my first day of the anti-candida diet.  For the last several days I had already cut out all processed foods, sugar, and bread.  I’ve been eating shrimp, chicken, more fresh fruits and fresh vegetables.  I love all kinds of fruit.  I’ve never been much of a fan of raw vegetables, except in salads, but I’m making myself eat them more.  I decided to check out the green smoothies to make it easier.  Not bad!  I was surprised, but I was adding fruit, and the first week of the Anti-Candida Diet includes no sugar at all, not even fruit. So today, day 1, no fruit, and I stopped taking prevacid.  I’m trying to stay as close as possible to the outline here Option 3, A detoxing candida diet. The way I understand it, during this cleanse you’re only eating raw and steamed vegetables.  I don’t want to do that for breakfast. It seems a little difficult to fit everything into my day, but I’m not hungry.  That must be due to the detox drink.  I used to love my oatmeal for breakfast, and since that is not on the list of foods to eat, I’m having Amaranth with cinnamon, stevia and vanilla coconut milk.  Not bad, and it’s filling and also should help with constipation. I take a stool softener every evening and have for years.  It does not contain any laxative and works for me daily.  I’m hoping to cut that out if this cleanse works.  Normal BM after breakfast. The broth is not bad with the cayenne pepper, but hard to fit it in 3 times a day.  My husband is not on the diet with me, so he is eating the vegetables that were strained from the soup.  He ate about half of them and I froze the rest to use at a later date in stew or soup. I had a salad for lunch and steamed cabbage with a small piece of grilled chicken breast for supper.  I know, probably should leave the meat out completely. The liver flush is hard to swallow, ugh, but it’s only a cup, so just do it.  It seemed to help the hives, but I did take benedryl when the hives started, which is every afternoon or evening.   Took the stool softener before bed.  There was no difference in my bowel movement today, so tomorrow I will increase the detox drink to a tablespoon instead of a teaspoon of Psyllium Husk Powder and also the Bentonite Clay. Although I’m sure I’ve had Candida for years, the severe outbreak started shortly after I had two very old mercury fillings removed a few months ago.  Before this, I did not have heartburn, acid reflux, or hives.  I could eat spicy foods with no problem, even once the heartburn started, but what really affected me was anything acidic, mainly in liquids.  I loved my salads with my homemade dressing, a raspberry vinagerette.  Vinegar was a killer!  Also my cravings for cookies and bread had increased over the last couple of months. Before I knew I had Candida, I went to the doctor and he prescribed Prevacid to take twice a day before breakfast and supper.  That worked great for the heartburn.  I found if I stopped taking it, the heartburn was right back, even after 2 months of taking it.  The prevacid stopped the acid from pumping. For the hives I took Benedryl nighttime in the evening or at bedtime.  Occasionally I took generic Zyrtec but had to take it in the early evening or I had more trouble sleeping, and would be really sleepy the entire next day. Today I am starting the Candida Treatment.  For one week I’ll be in the cleansing stage.   I am using the guide here , but have modified it a bit due to my particular situation and suggestions from the health food cottage here in town. I know it’s been a while since I posted, so I’ll catch you up on an important discovery I made.  For several months I’ve been suffering from daily heartburn and daily hives.  Much of my time has been spent researching my symptoms and finally I’m on the mend.  In my discovery I have found other symptoms I’ve had for years are now going away, like chronic insomnia, joint pain from tendonitis and arthritis.  I’ve been on Celebrex 200mg per day for years, but I’ve been off for a week now with no pain.  Normally, skipping just one day and I could barely function. Stomach acidity resulting in GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux disease), acid reflux or heartburn originates in the colon.  It is a result of years and years of Candida, a fungal yeast infection, building up in the colon.  The Candida yeast is a part of the gut flora, a group of microorganisms that normally live on the skin, the mouth, in the digestive tract, and in the vagina.  When the Candida population starts getting out of control it weakens the intestinal wall, penetrating through into the bloodstream and spreading throughout the body.   Yeast overgrowth wreaks havoc on the immune system, making you more prone to recurrent bacterial and viral infections. Candida has been found to produce 79 distinct toxins.  These toxins may be responsible for many of the symptoms that Candida sufferers have.  The symptoms will vary from one individual to another.

Please click this link, Candida Symptoms to see the list of symptoms in the middle of the page and below that read Candida Misdiagnosis.  Close that window to get back here. That was shocking right!  If this subject interests you and you’d like to follow my fight against Candida,  stay tuned, follow my blog or join the feed.

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Acne, stubborn skin conditions

Acne is one of the most stubborn skin conditions to deal with. It can be caused from different reasons ranging from genetic issues, bacterial infections or improper lifestyle. It is undoubtedly true that treating acne is quite difficult. Unless, you manage to find an effective solution, you will not be able to treat the condition. Among the different skin care products available in the market, you must be aware of the popularity of Dermology. It is an effective solution that has really helped large numbers of acne sufferers. If you find it quite difficult to rely on any product, the ultimate option is to read Dermology Acne Cream review.

The acne cream from this company is actually a topical cream that attacks the problem of acne. In fact, it can even be considered as herbal supplement that works the best by attacking the root cause of the problem. It is because of this reason that you can expect to find positive and satisfactory Dermology Acne Cream review. It is quite different from the other topical solutions available:

Whenever you are looking for the Top Acne Treatment, the most important thing that you should always remember is to check out the availability of the ingredients. This can give you an idea about the effectiveness of the product.  One of the most common ingredients in the product is Resveratrol. It is an effective anti-oxidant found in grapes, and proves to be highly effective for the skin. It can

If you look for any effective product in the market, you will find that it is extremely difficult to apply. Moreover, most of these products take a long time to offer healing solutions. However, Dermology Acne Cream review will give you an idea of this product which is indeed different from the others.

Now that you are quite well aware of the benefits of the product, and the satisfaction that large numbers of people have received from it, this is something that you can try. The availability of the product will never be a problem because you can find it in most online stores. However, it is better to buy it from the official store of the product in order to get exciting and interesting deals. This can even help you save money on the product, and you can get money back guarantee. Thus, do not delay any further.

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YOUNG, prostate infection

How common is it for a YOUNG male to have a prostate infection? jason asked:

I have priapism and it is very embarassing. I can’t urinate also when I have it. I have had prostate infections for the past 3 years ( I am 34). I’m seeing a doctor and taking antibiotics but the problem persists. None of my friends have mentioned they have ever had it so Im starting to think Im a WEIRDO!!.

I’m horrified because when I went to the ER last year for a broken wrist, there were only young immature acting female nurses.

I’m absolutely terrified that if the occasion arises that I need to visit the ER again (my prostatitis) – I’ll be too modest or embarassed and feel like a freak!

What are the cures for the enlarged prostate? Koshak asked:

I’ve had problems with my prostate since I was 20. But back then the cure was some surgery that would remove part of the prostate. I’ve herd of a drug that shrinks the prostate with a lot of side effects. Have any progress been made to better the cure of prostate besides the pills? Thank you for the respond.

NHS spend on testicular and prostate Cancer compared to Breast and cervical ? SIMON B asked:

Me and the wife were having a discussing about the relative nhs investment and mortality rates of male and female cancers (as she is a school nurse assistant). I maintain that male cancers (testicular / prostate) are not taken as seriously as female cancers (breast and cervical) and have less investment in them. Does anyone know if there is a disparity between the four cancers and why this is the case? asked:Me and the wife were having a discussing about the relative nhs investment and mortality rates of male and female cancers (as she is a school nurse assistant). I maintain that male cancers (testicular / prostate) are not taken as seriously as female cancers (breast and cervical) and have less investment in them. Does anyone know if there is a disparity between the four cancers and why this is the case? Please don’t cloud the issue by telling me that men suffer with breast cancer, I know!

Can a person with prostate cancer transmit any form of cancer to his mate? Rudy N asked:

Is it prossible to transmit cancer to another person by contact? Case in point: An acquaintance of mine had kidney cancer and prostate cancer each of which have been successfuly cured. Later his wife had uterine cancer. Could her malady have been transmitted by the kidney/prostate cancers?

are men with prostate cancer allowed to drink alcohol? heyheyheyheyheyheyheyhey asked:

i’m kind of worried because my dad has prostate cancer and he drinks a couple beers a night and at special occassions other kinds of alcohol. is this putting him at a higher risk?

After prostate cancer operation does a man lose his sex desire? abbylane asked:

I am not up on this topic so I must ask an expert here. I have written to a man who has has prostate cancer and the operation. I do not know him well so I do not ask this question. If I start to like this man, I am curious about what his sexual activies could or could not be. asked:I am not up on this topic so I must ask an expert here. I have written to a man who has has prostate cancer and the operation. I do not know him well so I do not ask this question. If I start to like this man, I am curious about what his sexual activies could or could not be. I am not hot and heavy into sex, but wonder where he is coming from.

Are there any prostate Stimulators that I can buy over mail? SCgoon341 asked:

I dont have a credit card and I wanna pay by cash without having to go to a store… So anyone know if there are prostate stimulators that u can just by via email?

What is the age you should go to the doctor for a first prostate checkup? Wighte. asked:

I want to know because my grandfather died from prostate cancer when I was too little to know what that was.

Are there legitimate places where a guy an get a prostate massage? italiandudeinchicago asked:

I’ve done some reading on prostate massages and it’s supposed to be very good for your health as well as relaxing and feel good. I’m not looking to see a prostitute or go to a seedy massage parlor, are there legitimate spas or doctors or some type of location where a guy could get a prostate massage? Is this considered a theraputic procedure like a massage or is it illegal like prostitution?

How long can you live with Prostate cancer? tadpoleslider asked:

About ten years or so ago I went to the doctor and asked about Prostate cancer screening. He said I was too young. Besides being over worked under paid and uninsured I have a pain in my scrotum and it feels like I have an 8 ball in between my crotch. I have been doing a lot of heavy lifting and I am exhausted. Everything works fine down there but I am very tired. A friend of mine had kidney cancer and he died shortly afterwards, he complained of being tired. Also my bones hurt. I was thinking that I could have a body infection. Should I be terminated by lethal injection? Getting sick is a sin in this country, I should be punished. Of course I could be over reacting, it has been a terrible week.

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